Pentax vs. Nikon....are there any Pentax shooters that have used a d7000 or d7100?

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Re: The sensible thing is the D7100

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Hello all!

I am upgrading from a d5200, I loved my camera, but as I'm growing as a photographer, I want something that is going to allow for more wiggle room. For a short time, I was looking into the 5300. But I'm not particularly interested in some of it's features...I'm not bashing, by any means, but I feel as though to me, some of it's features were a little gimmicky. I'm more interested in features that make practical sense, and will provide me with pro-like features for now as well as down the road. Having, at the time, only been exposed to Nikon, the logical step was the d7100. But I have no blind loyalty to any particular brand, and have started searching outside of the Canikon empire. I came across the K-3, and am VERY impressed with, well, just about everything! Both cameras have their strengths and weaknesses, so I guess my question is whether or not any of you out there have had an opportunity to shoot with both the K-3 or even the K-5IIs AND the d7100 or d7000 that can share with me their thoughts on both systems. I am COMPLETELY new to Pentax, and so have no basis for comparison. Any advice or feedback is appreciated. Thank you all!:-D

IMHO yes it is, nice AF, nice choices of lenses (if you already have them), extensive after market support. Everything about the D7100 is nice except if you are into burst mode a lot which will be a let down and the build quality is not really as nice even compared to the old K7.

I also heard that there is an incoming D7200? Could be worth the wait?

The K3 needs no introduction, it is a special kind of animal, it was what the D400 or the 7DII could have been. If you are not deeply invested in Nikon lenses, the K3 is currently the best APSC DSLR made today.

Now if you are not really into high FPS shooting, not really into sports and don't need AF-C, the K5II and the K5IIs are very special cameras. Fast and accurate AF-S with the highly regraded 16mp Sony CMOS sensor and the price is very accessible right now.

An there is also the rumored K60, a stripped down K3

As for lenses, Pentax has a complete lineup of APSC lenses and a possible FF 70-200 in the roadmap. The prime lenses are highly regarded and up there with Leica and Zeiss IMHO, there is also after market support from Sigma, some from Tamron and AFAIK all of Samyang's excellent lenses is also available in K mount (I think except for the 28mm tilt-shift lens?).

So if you are not heavily invested in Nikon, Pentax is an excellent option.

I know that there was a huge debate on a far away thread somewhere within DP that went back and forth as to whether or not the d7100 and the K-3 were equally rugged and weather resistant. I was under the impression that the 7100 WAS just rugged, but from reading and watching more recent reviews, and hearing what you've just said about the comparison...I think the edge goes to the K-3. coincidentally enough, I don't have too many lenses for the Nikon that I owned, so theoretically, it's not too late to try something a little bit more out of the box. There is currently a Sigma lense that I'm lusting over, the 18-35 f1.8. And I have only dabbled a smidge with Samyang/ Rikonon/??, but they make a tasty ultra wide angle, albeit fish-eye..but I hear a lot of good reviews about it. I have heard mixed things about Tamron..but from what I am understanding, the list is continuing to grow. I will have to give the k5IIs a more thorough look over, I HAVE heard many good things about it...and the improvements made to it since it's 5II days. You do have a point there, that is also an option Thank you!

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