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How could Sony put better AF in its APSc line (A6000) than in its recently created full frame line? What were they thinking? Owners of the A7 and A7r must be really disappointed that their cameras were not endowed with this better technology, since they bought them just in the last few months.

As if that's the only spec that ever mattered in a camera...

The specs are all a moving target, I'm afraid, but I think Sony screwed the good-will pooch in letting out its full-frame cameras and a very few months later letting out an APSC camera with a superior major spec. To be frank, I was considering picking up an A7 or A7R before the A6000 came out. Now, I can see that these are not the "sweet spot" models. Gonna wait, but in the meantime pick up the A6000 to complement the NEX 6 and Canon equipment.

That's ridiculous. You can't seriously believe that every full frame camera has to have superior spec in every area to every APS-C camera.

Top of the line should have the best spec.

So then you're saying that the D4s should have a 36Mp sensor, the D7000 shouldn't have a 24Mp sensor. 5Dmkiii should have greater DR than 6D and on and on.

Look at the sum of the parts grasshopper. The sum of the parts.

Who says that 36mp sensor is Nikon's best?

Trust me, it is.

What I am saying is that Sony hosed the buyers of the A7 and A7r, when Sony put out a downmarket camera a few months later with superior technology under the hood.

What you said is that the higher end camera should have the better specs. You've got a lot to learn if you don't realize why the A7 remains on top. Have you seen any A7 owners crying over it? Nope.

And, you, my friend, have a lot to learn if you think that the A7 and its R variant are not soon to be replaced by new models with the AF technology in the A6000. Whether you cry or not is your business.

I sure hope that this happens !

it means that when i'm ready to buy a new camera, there will actually be better cameras out there to choose from.

even better if there is an A9R with a new technology we cannot even imagine now !

very nice ! thanks for getting my hopes up.
we truly live in a very nice time for photographers with all these options to choose from, and new toys to look forward to in the near to far future !

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