uh oh, no A7000...?

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re: my fault, sorry

blue_skies wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

but... WHY the $100 difference in pricing - the results would be skewed, favoring lower-priced item !!


I had:

  • $650 - no-hump A6000
  • $800 - no-hump A7000
  • $1,100 - hump A6
  • $1,700 - hump A7

where is the $100 in difference? You mean the $150 delta between the A6000 and A7000?

Perhaps it would skew, so what feature would justify that delta cost?

I mistook the a7000 to be $1k, and so $100 lower than humped A6 (both APS-C sensored).

Anyway, for non-skewed "lets market decide" data there shouldn't be a price diff. between humped vs. non-humped, as only then we'd have a true photography of users' preference of this single feature, IMO


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