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Bart Hickman wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Faster AF can't replace the virtues of a larger sensor otherwise Nikon 1-series would have taken over the world.

And fast AF is not the end all and be all. Between identical models, all else being equal I would go with faster Af. But if my priority is virtues of a larger sensor, I will go for the larger sensor, much like pro sports DSLRs still settle for lower resolution while a7r/D800 for slower AF.

Fast and accurate AF is really, incredibly valuable. It's not everything, but I'd argue it's the most important thing most of the time. I certainly lose more images to the shortcomings of the AF on my NEX-6 than to any other aspect of the camera or my lenses. Any relative shortcomings of the APS-C sensor relative to FF would be way down on the list. And most professional photographs I see posted here or in magazines could've been shot with either sensor size.


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