dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

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Re: dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

Haxlotl wrote:

Wooden mockup of dp2 Quattro showing my least uncomfortable holding position

I found any of the numerous trial holding positions rather awkward and uncomfortable.

Happy reading


Andrew, as a self-proclaimed camera ergonomics expert, can you explain how on earth your "least uncomfortable holding position", requires your left hand to pinch the camera by the top and bottom plate instead of cradling it with your left hand supporting the camera and lens? It is hard to believe that anyone familiar with cameras would even attemp the grip you demonstrate, let alone proclaim it to be 'the least uncomfortable' that they could find.

Which hand looks more tortured in the photo above? (looks like the left to me)

Also what is the idea behind or the goal of holding a camera - is it not to support the camera in order to get the most stable platform and steadiest shot?

What is the fetish for one handed operation? what on this camera would prevent you from using your left hand to support the camera and lens? and why would you not want to?

perhaps you did not notice that this camera is different than say a samsung mv800 or similar that relatively has no lens or mass extending beyond the body (and is significantly smaller and lighter)

the pinch grip you are demonstratin in the photo above is appropriate for such as the mv800 but surely not for a larger camera with lens which has significant proportion of the mass extending away from the body.

I cannot take your blog post seriously at all. It seems to me to be more of a diatribe than honest assessment. I find it as contrived as your grip in the photo shown.

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