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How could Sony put better AF in its APSc line (A6000) than in its recently created full frame line? What were they thinking? Owners of the A7 and A7r must be really disappointed that their cameras were not endowed with this better technology, since they bought them just in the last few months.

They were probably thinking something like ''it's not quite ready yet''. Now it is. Technology is constantly improving, by the time the 2nd generation A7's hit the market focus will have improved again.

No doubt, but since the product introductions were scant months apart, you would think that the top of the line would get the best AF.

No, At some point someone has to make the decision to freeze development and get the thing in the shops. The AF wasn't ready when the decision was made. You can bet there was a faction trying to get the release held back so that better AF would be ready, but another faction was shouting out the Nikon and Fuji rumours and wanting to get the thing out there ASAP - they won.

In a few months there will be a new Sony with some feature much better than the equivalent feature on the A600 ''why didn't they wait'' will be the shout - simple - they couldn't, they had to get the A6000 out there to combat the X-T1.

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Yatta yatta. The folks who bought the A7 or A7r should buy an upgraded camera in a few months after having bought their A7 or A7r within the last few months??!! Oh, my. Sony screwed these people.

You're not making any sense. The folks who bought those cameras knew they weren't getting top flight AF. If they wanted that, there were plenty of other options on the market not sold by Sony.

As I recall, Sony was not advertising "world's fastest AF" when they announced the A7 (A7r doesn't even have PDAF as far as I know.) Production schedule has little to do with something that might be based on hardware improvements (new sensor, new processor.)

"Scant months" is an eternity when your paycheck depends on a steady flow of new products. A7 and A7r are a particular market segment with no peers regardless of AF performance. The A6000 market is much more competitive in terms of AF.


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agree with you. Sony makes different models to target different markets. Obviously they want their APS-C (a6000) model to be more sports orientated, whereas the full frame (a7 nand A7r) is more aimed at portraits and nature where IQ, bokeh and artistry is dominant and where focused subjects do not move out of the focal plane in any kind of haste.

Disagree. None of the small mirrorless (Leica similar shaped) are well suited for use with long telephoto lenses suitable for sports. DSLR's far better in that regard.

"sports" is not always only about huge long fat heavy lenses...

and every one that shoots "sports" photos is not always making money off them...

especially in the market that these cameras are targeting.

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