And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

juvx wrote:

I use both systems. NEX and Fuji and a Sony A7.

Actually Sony is slimming down and going through a transition. They recently sold their PC division and split off their TV one. They will focus more heavily on cameras now as a company. I love both companies but keep in mind the size of Sony vs Fuji... its much easier for Fuji to focus on one system.

Sony is a great company and with its new leaders seems to be heading back on the right track. The PS4 for example is hugely successful.

Except for their pesky manufactured shortage. Was going to buy my wife a PS4 for her birthday Jan. still can't buy one anywhere in Canada today since they all sold out at the middle of December.

The A6000 looks great and is going to be unbeatable at that PRICE 800$ for the KIT imo. Have you seen the autofocus on that thing? its truly amazing.

Sony's strat seems simple. Sub 1000$ APSC cameras with a ton of new features and true innovation.

Over 1000$ FULL FRAME banking on it being the future (which i agree it is). You can get a sony A7 Kit for 1700$ on ebay... the X-t1 is 1700$ for the kit.. Do you HONESTLY think the X-t1 is better IQ than the FF A7?

Yes. Look:

lol... And lenses... the 35mm and 55mm (One of the best lens period in the world, check the review) are on par with anything Fuji offers if not better.... Obviously there aren't as many options the system just launched less than 6 months ago...

I really dont like to see people sounding like fuji fanboys. I love fuji and have a x-e1 with the 27mm F2.8 pancake right next to me right now at all times but sony's is on the right track, it will just take time to develop.

Just my two cents.


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