How can A6000 beat PDAF, doenst make sense?

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Re: How can A6000 beat PDAF, doenst make sense?

tomtom50 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

correct me if i am wrong but in lower light (the NEX big AF weakness) phase detection is disabled and it has to rely on constrast detection .. if so if sony have made few imporvements in contrast detection then the NEX low light AF will still be uber crap compared to canikon dslr/oly CSC etc

At this point, you can't be correct or corrected since we don't have much to work with on the new system but only a handful of brief write ups and couple of videos (Vogel and DanK) that do show the possibilities in not so great light conditions.

I am pretty sure lower light performance was a consideration and should be better. The improvemebt is likely in how PDAF pixels work and how much closer they get to focusing for minimal CDAF fine tuning or if there is any need for that at all (after all, traditional PDAF has no fine tuning using CDAF).

Exactly. We do not know. The Nikon 1 system switches from PDAF to CDAF as light drops.

Every camera suffers with lower light and/or smaller apertures. So this isn't a unique situation.

The Canon 70D system is full PDAF and works in low light

The Canon 70D "full PDAF" performance is nothing to write home about, even in good light. It is a significant improvement over DSLR Live View performance but it would make for a terrible "full PDAF" example for action stills.

Earlier Sony systems were Hybrid AF (PDAF + CDAF) and the Sony press release uses that term as well.

Well, the first was a PDAF+PDAF actually (a99). The 5R/6 were PDAF+CDAF. But, I'm unsure what your point is.

The a6000 may have been built on improvements to the older tech, or may be a completely new design with significant improvements. Time will tell but from what I have seen, it looks like a significant upgrade. The CIPA rating of 0.06s also points at very low shutter lag (not that NEX cameras since 5N have had it as an issue, they have been excellent at 0.022s in that regard).

About 20s into this video is a good demo

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