Lens challenge to Oly. Tri Elmar like street lens

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Re: Already exists...

Trollshavethebestcandy wrote:

Ok Oly... I challenge your engineers to make a Tri Elmar like street lens. f5.6 or perhaps f8 fixed aperture (but not both) and a ring that selects three focal lengths of 28, 35 and 50mm equivalent in clicks. Not a zoom lens but a selectable focal length lens. Keep it small and plastic construction but nice aspherical coated glass for crisp images. A bit of distortion and vignette is ok and easily fixed in photoshop. No electronic contacts needed to keep cost down and put the money into the glass. Cost? $300. Doable? I think so. Any takers?

...and it's cheaper than $300. Buy an Olympus 14-42mm II, only turn it to the above marked stops, don't move aperture off f/5.6.

Otherwise, I can't think of a single reason under God's green earth why I'd buy the lens you described.

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Dave Sanders

To be a small three primes in one kind of lens without need to focus (but zone focus). I imagined a firmware update that allowed a type of semi sleep mode with this lens selected to just take quick pics on full shutter press. A new three frame lined OVF too :-). Small, stealth and quick like a dagger.

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