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Re: speculation to declare what is lost and gained before testing

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

By "Zealot" you mean of course, "people who have actually used the cameras instead of pretending to know how it works and what it really does".

People who accept Sigma marketing as gospel and always post the most favorable interpretations are zealots. They include (but are not limited to) those who think there was a "blue layer" because the marketing diagrams showed it that way. Such zealots may insist the Quattro sensor cannot match the Merrill sensor.

BTW, just because someone is a zealot doesn't mean they are always wrong - it means they are uncritical.

Both sensors are full color, they are measuring and capturing the full wavelength color at all spatial locations.

Sure - just with reduced spatial precision at the lower layers.

In a lovably blurry kind of way. It's kind of like how people can't resist stuffed animals. People used to use Vaseline on lenses a lot also, but then that function moved to the sensor so they didn't have to.

Another sign of a zealot - they are so insecure about their own choices that they have to denigrate other options. When possible, they will shut down topics that challenge their beliefs.

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