Is Iridient that good or Capture One that bad?

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Re: Is Iridient that good or Capture One that bad?

khollister wrote:

Clicking on your example and looking at it, I primarily see a difference in sharpening. I don't think either one looks "terrible" - the C1 version might be slightly over sharpened for my taste.

I have been through this process myself and tried most of the candidate software (I own C1 and LR 5). While the "boutique" apps have things they do well on specific images or scenarios but also do rather poorly in others cases. C1 and LR are still the beat solutions IMHO across a wide range of images. Most of the angst over X-Trans RAW conversion is only apparent in 100% crops, and I believe folks don't necessarily understand how to best use the various controls in many of the apps.

I have yet to run into an image of mine that drove me to try another RAW converter other than LR. I occasionally run an image through C1 to see if I like it better than LR 5, but I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of images I used C1 for the final image.

I think a lot of this is overblown, but it is a very emotional issue to many around here.

Like you I have been using LR and Capture One for a long time alongside each other. There is one aspect that seems to be cut short on these "which one is better" threads and that is the workflow. For me that is the process where I feel most at home. I use dual monitor layout and use the wheel a lot for fine tuning, plus the advanced colour edito in C1 plus local adjustments.

If I work on 2 samples from any camera I have used in the past, I can get the samples to look as good as I like them to be (within my limits of course...) but one converter I feel more confident that I will get there whenever I like. It's like driving a particula car, one fits like a glove and the other one gets you there too, but not with the same ease.

Not so much emotional for me but very personal.


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