Nikon 18-300 mm on D600

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Re: Nikon 18-300 mm on D600

The Big One wrote:

Condor60 wrote:

Is it my lens or me. The arrow or the Indian. I have an 18-300 mm lens that takes great pics at certain photo lengths. From 18 to about 220 the photos are crisp, clear and I am very pleased with them. But from 220 - 300 not so much. I even tried a tripod and made sure my shutter speed was way up. Still cloudy and not crisp photos. Any thoughts.

There are a few problems here....

First of all, the 18-300 is a DX lens. This means that when shooting it on a 24MP D600 you are only using the central ~10MP. You would have been better off spending half as much money on a D7100, which is a better camera overall when compared to the D600 other than the sensor itself (and when you are using crop mode on the D600, the 7100's sensor is much better).

Second, super zooms like the 18-300 are not great at the extremes. You will see sharper images with a dedicated telephoto such as the 70-300 (or better yet, a 70-200). To get the best images out of the super zoom as you can, you will want to stop down to f/9 or f/10 or so.

If you want a superzoom, the 28-300 is an FX lens that will take full advantage of the D600. Alternatively, the 24-120/4 is reportedly a good FX lens.

Hope this helps.

Saying the D7100 is a better camera than the D600 is just dumb. Stop down to F9 or 10? have you even used the 28-300? You should at least have experience in the equipment you are talking about before you go giving advice....

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