Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

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Re: Speculation on the A6000 vs the NEX-7

1prime wrote:

I realize the upcoming A6000 will be a NEX-6 extension, but with the BIONZ processer and a newer but similar to NEX-7 size 24.3MP sensor.

I wonder if any reviewers who have checked out the A6000 would have comparisons of the 7 & 60000. I'm sure the 6000 will have a 6-like composite body. Will the 6000 come close to or surpass the 7? And, if so, in which ways?

As a NEX-7 shooter I consider the A6000 to be a very similar camera. I have two things that concern me about the A6000.

1: I dont shoot sony lenses, I like my Sigma 30 and 60, fact is the 60 is the sharpest E-mount lens tested on the NEX-7. Unfortunately, from what I understand these non-sony lenses most likely can't take advantage of the on sensor PDAF - as such I would loose one of the major improvements.

2: my second concern relates to my first - will all of the added PDAF pixels spread across the sensor that give fast focus my lenses can't use have an affect on image quality? will resolution or dynamic range or color depth be hurt?

only time will answer these questions, but at this time I am happy to stick with what I have - Heck even today Sony is still asking a higher price for an NEX-7 - - - perhaps they know something we don't yet know

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