Show your 300mm pics(while we wait for 2015)

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Re: Show your 300mm pics(while we wait for 2015)

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These along with all the other posts are exceptionally fine. What lens did you use? Were these handheld? What % are keepers with the kit used for these pics?

These were all taken with the 100-300mm hand-held using IBIS on the EM-5. My keeper rate is pretty low. I have a hard time getting shots 100% sharp. The depth of field is typically very narrow since I rarely have enough light to shoot above f5.6. I also tend to cheat on the shutter speed, relying on the IBIS, to keep the ISO down as much as I can. Sometimes focus isn't quite bang on the eye, sometimes there is hand shake, sometimes the bird is moving too quickly etc. I also have a large number of shots that just aren't 100% sharp and I don't quite know why. I also have a particular talent at catching a bird when it is blinking - particularly hummingbirds. When I can I stop down to f6.3 - f8 and my keeper rate goes up a lot, but I rarely have that much light. If the bird is hanging out at a particular spot for a few minutes I will usually have a couple of shots that I'm happy with technically. If they are moving through I might not get anything.

That has been my experience too (I feel your pain). If the little buggers would just stay still...What do you think about the proposed oly 300? Are you interested?

I am really excited about the 300 f4 announcement - I started saving when they put out the lens roadmap with a super tele on it.  This is basically the lens I was hoping they were going to make, although I'm disappointed that it isn't going to be available this year.  The really big question is price.  If it is around $1500 then they can take my money, if it is $2000 then I'm not sure if I can swing that.  I'll have to start looking around the garage for junk I can sell.  I'm also curious about the size and weight - I'm expecting something similar to a FF 300 f4, but hoping they can keep the weight down a bit.  It doesn't have IS so that should help some.

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