It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

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Re: It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

photosbygar wrote:

I confess I haven't read all the replies here, so if this is similar, sorry. But DON'T EVER apologize for success. It may not be Time magazine, but who gives a damn? Kudos to you - for the cover and the other shots inside. I have made the cover of a couple of local mags, too, and it is really satisfying. Treat yourself - a good bottle of wine (if that is your thing), a new lens or something special!!


Thank you Garth.  Like you say it's not the cover of Time but it is important to the area so that makes it nice for sure plus it is always fun and a surprise when you get positive feedback from those who enjoy your photos and are not simply being polite.  I think that is a nice reward in itself right there.

My treat was to sleep in and have a restful day today.  I enjoy a low key lifestyle these days, it's better than the younger days, who knew?    Would love a new lens but that is complicated right now since I'm missing several thanks to that fiasco of the lost/stolen bag during that shoot.  Plus I'm saving for the 18-35/1.8 that has me very excited along with adding the 30/1.4...I might buy a new bag today though.  I had my eye on a new Case Logic Sling bag (they make some excellent sling bags perfect for our small kits) so I might pull that trigger finally since I am bagless anyway save for the HUGE NattyG Expedition I use for all the other stuff I'm not using when out and about.

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