Is Iridient that good or Capture One that bad?

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Re: Is Iridient that good or Capture One that bad?

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Most of us won't care about the difference. In fact, most of us don't care that LR isn't "perfect". Heads up for you here, nothing on these forums will ever be "perfect" for the tech guys here. They don't do photography. they do science and they always need the next best thing. Iridient or LR or all the others (I use JPEGs) are as good as most of us need. Leave the perfect to those here who don't do photography.

One of the biggest loads of BLEEP I've come across here in a while.

No, it is not. At this point, if your photographs don't look good in Lightroom/C1, they're not going to look good in Iridient either.

IQ doesn't make a photograph. The composition and emotion conveyed make a photograph.

At this point, being anal about IQ in the different processors is just like being anal about photography "rules." It's for the try-hard amateur. These people don't have the brain for art. That's why they create superficial criteria, so they can attempt to quantify it and then critique it.

Ah, another attempt of trying to claim some sort of superiority of the "artist" over those who merely "snap pictures".

Photography isn't always about art. In fact, most of photography isn't about art. Most photographers don't even intend or pretend to create art. I have no idea why a discussion about art has crept into this thread, as a direct response to a technical question. But you are not alone. There is a bunch here who consider themselves artists and immediately jump up to deride everyone else who is interested in technical details, automatically blanket-labeling them as "tech guys", "scientists", or "people who don't have a brain for art".

Such absolutist opinions are not a sign of superiority but of a superiority complex.

LR/C1/Iridient/Photo Ninja are all fine now. One may be technically better than the other in a given situation, but the gap is small enough that it doesn't matter. You can't ruin a photograph with any of them. If you don't like the photos you get from Lightroom, C1, or whatever, then take better photos.

This paragraph would have been a constructive and appropriate response to the OP's questions, if it had been presented on its own.


You can live inside your bubble all you want to.  The photographs you take 10 years from now won't be any better than the ones you're taking now.  You're focusing your energy in the wrong place.  Using Iridient over LR or vice versa is going to do nothing for your photography.  It's a complete and utter waste of time.  The only thing that's going to make your photographs better is changing the photographer, but you're so convinced that tool is already polished and you need to improve everything else with extreme scrutiny.  The worst tool in any photographer's tool set is the photograph his/herself.

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