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LouHolland Veteran Member • Posts: 9,332
Good job..

Andrew I don't think you really messed up, it looks fine to me, you did well here. Andrew the problem lies in an eurlier stage, there were you in the process choices have to make about the use of contrast, revealing detail, clarity, changing colors, sharpnes etc. The problems caused in that stage of processing is hard to correct on a later moment. So I really have to say.. you did fine.



19andrew47 wrote:


Well I spent a few minutes late tonight and am having some difficulties with the software. It seems a bit buggy and acts up from time to time for reasons unknown. Anyway, to compound matters I saved the file after the rework and somehow the compression settings had gotten changed (no idea how as I had set them long ago and not revised them since, at least on purpose) and all I got was a drastically reduced file so I pretty much gave up at that point and will have to revisit it another time.


The partially reworked, but much compressed file.

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