Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: Clarification

Beat Traveller wrote:

nixda wrote:

Thanks for the responses so far.

I am interested in experiences with shooting at base-ISO, even if it means getting a dark image, and then adjusting the image brightness afterwards.

How does it compare to adjusting ISO before taking the shot, and how much darker can the initial image be for the method to give the final image brightness without introducing excessive noise.

I wouldn't worry so much about noise as colour shifts, loss of detail and even clipping a whole channel. That said, if you wondering about noise, it depends what program you use. For my money, Adobe's shadow recovery handles noise the best.

Good point about color shifts and loss of detail. That's precisely what I am asking for: what are the experiences with the approach of under-exposing but staying at base-ISO.

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