Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: interesting question

dmaclau wrote:

If, however you're speaking about "general" photography....

I first heard about this technique several years back. It's proponents seemed to have some sort of inside knowledge that sensors were best "to the right" and severely lacking everywhere else. Not being able to determine this for myself, or get any sensible information from those who proposed it, and coupled with the fact that I've yet to see any photographic "proof" of this technique being beneficial I dismissed it as faulty logic. If I'm wrong then once again I apologize.

Yes, it seems you arrived at your conclusion that ETTR is based on faulty logic through some faulty logic of your own

The proof best shows up when comparing two photographs of the same scene with dominant shadow (low-contrast) regions, one taken normally and one ETTR. If done properly, the noise in the shadow regions will be minimized in the ETTR version, and it does show.

As I said, changing exposure to meet scene requirements is obviously an important and useful tool. As a general rule..."Always overexpose" is faulty advice.

Over-exposing, in terms of saturating pixels, is never a good idea, unless a) they don't represent important features that need to be retained; b) it's part of a scheme to retrieve this information from somewhere else (HDR).

Over-exposing, in terms of having an initial image brightness that is higher than the scene brightness, is fundamentally a good idea when noise is an issue. Since the exposure is determined by aperture and shutter speed only, ETTR will maximize the number of photons hitting the sensor and thus minimize noise. There is no fundamental problem with adjusting the image brightness afterwards, unless one doesn't want to do any post processing, but ETTR is generally a concept in raw shooting anyway.

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