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Re: Ming Thein found the same thing about AF-C

sd40 wrote:

I want to express this lurker's appreciation for those who contribute to these AF-ON threads. I have been following them since Ray Soares first made waves. I have tried the suggested techniques and had some success with them. For the time being, at least, I have settled into using AF-C all the time (landscape and action). I buy the argument that AF-C compensates for the photographer's motion as well as subject motion. And there's something intuitive about letting the little black box fly around the viewfinder until it settles down. My hands are still steady enough that it generally does settle down.

I have continued to use the half-press, however. I'm comfortable using the Fn button on the front of the D600 for focusing, but unless I'm going to focus and recompose I don't see the advantage vs. using the half-press.

I'm still reading and learning.

I just got my D800E earlier this week.  In the past I've always used AF-S with the half-press for focus.  I have rarely used the AF-ON button on my D700.

My confusion regarding using AF-C (and the AF-On button) is how do you focus on something and lock that focus if you want to recompose?

Obviously if you let off the AF-On button, the camera will stop focusing and theoretically focus will be locked, but when you go to press the shutter release the camera will focus again...other than where you wanted it locked.

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