Does the IQ outweigh the slow AF of G!-1x

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Re: Does the IQ outweigh the slow AF of G!-1x

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Russell,

I have a G1X (the original version) and don't hold the slightly jaundiced view of it that Year77 holds. Most owners seem to like it and appreciate the IQ as long as you accept a few foibles. I've found it an excellent go-to and travel and hiking camera.

  • It's AF is indeed slowish, certainly compared to any DSLR, and it's between shot times are long. OTOH I find the AF very reliable and accurate.
  • Macro focusing is not a "joke" - it just isn't a design feature of the camera. That's down to the larger sensor, its focal lengths and the extension needed to get macro. It's sensor is almost APSC - and like an APSC DSLR, you would need an attached dioptre lens or dedicated macro lens to get close focusing. And if you do attach a Canon 250D, you won't get 1:1, but you will get excellent close focusing shots.
  • There are a few other things..... The OVF shows only 80% of the FOV. It's too easy to inadvertently activate the video button. Custom settings don't apply in RAW+jpeg. And you'll need a small filter thread adapter to take filters.

If you can live with these few things - and many can - the G1X's IQ exceeds that of any other camera that I know of that isn't actually APSC. It's sensor and lens are excellent and deliver very even performance across the FL and aperture range. A short visit to the DPR IQ comparator will show that the G1X has better IQ than the Sony RX100. It's chief advantage over smaller sensor cameras is low noise. It's a well built, reliable and glitch free camera. It also uses a leaf shutter and is an extremely quiet camera.

The EOS M that Year77 refers to is full APSC. They're very different cameras. The M is a MILC with no eye level VF, a touch screen and a very limited range of lenses compared to other MILCs. Canon don't appear to be developing the system any time soon and its price has fallen. The original G1X is a fixed zoom compact with a level of external control. Which appeals to you is a personal question. The EOS M prices have already bottomed out. The G1X Mark 1 prices may fall given the recent announcement of the Mark II. Keep your eye on the sales.....

It would be well worthwhile also considering the new G1X Mark II. It will be dearer than both the M and the Mark 1, but the lens alone and the fact that they've addressed most of the quirks of the earlier camera, may make it better than both. That assumes that you can live with a touch screen and either LCD viewing or and external EVF.

Enjoy whatever you buy.

Many thanks, Rod. First, I do not care for touch screens, have never used one and could possibly get used to one but the desire is not strong:-)) The Mark 11 is rather expensive for me and I really want one of some kind now. I have told this  before but my wife died in September and I have had a very bad time. Hopefully a new camera will give me some way to pass time in the house while I am alone each day.

Cheers, Rod

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