a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Not an answer that will warrant the claim.

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Well, 11fps with live tracking AF is something. It's faster than OMD E-M1 and mind you it's an APS-C sensor with 24.3 Mp! Fastest AF (in the world?) 0.06s CIPA.

Shall we say that DSLR speed from now on is lagging behind latest mirrorless cameras like a6000? I honestly see no point in any further mirror usage in cameras from now on.

That's not a rack focus speed.

Here' what sony said:

1.Amongst interchangeable-lens digital cameras equipped with an APS-C image sensor as of February 12, 2014. Determined with internal measurement method with E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS lens mounted, Pre-AF off and viewfinder in use

Lol, still grasping onto the believe that your $1,400, smaller m43 sensor, bigger and heavier body, humped, 16Mp, E-M1 is faster?

Hint: it will be so close, it won't matter.

Your E-M1 is beaten by a $650, larger APS-C sensor, smaller and light body, hump-free, 24Mp, A6000.

I can now see the resale value of the E-M1 dropping like a rock, and dropping again, ....

I can hear the pattering of feet of the buying public already, lines form on the left ...

I had a thread just a few days ago looking for a camera in addition to my A7r. I would very much like to try the EM-1, but with fast auto focus being my main concern, I just may have to sit on the fence for a month and see what happens. Would suit me just fine if I could get a EM-1 to a very very good used price or perhaps the A6000 actually will be the better solution. I do like the layout and design of the EM-1, but it will be hard to justify, if the A6000 is better at focusing and have a larger sensor as well (important to me for indoors shooting).

Sorry Tom, but indoors the PDAF will not work and Sony CDAF will take over...

Based on which A6000 test is this claim?

This (indoor low light), suggests otherwise.

Based on owning Nex-6 prior, the Nex-7 and the RX1 were both better in low light indoors and their AF was much more accurate as well...

That's like saying car B is crap at X, because its predecessor A was crap at X.


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