Show your 300mm pics(while we wait for 2015)

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Re: Show your 300mm pics(while we wait for 2015)

local novice wrote:

These along with all the other posts are exceptionally fine. What lens did you use? Were these handheld? What % are keepers with the kit used for these pics?

These were all taken with the 100-300mm hand-held using IBIS on the EM-5.  My keeper rate is pretty low.  I have a hard time getting shots 100% sharp.  The depth of field is typically very narrow since I rarely have enough light to shoot above f5.6.  I also tend to cheat on the shutter speed, relying on the IBIS, to keep the ISO down as much as I can.  Sometimes focus isn't quite bang on the eye, sometimes there is hand shake, sometimes the bird is moving too quickly etc.  I also have a large number of shots that just aren't 100% sharp and I don't quite know why.  I also have a particular talent at catching a bird when it is blinking - particularly hummingbirds. When I can I stop down to f6.3 - f8 and my keeper rate goes up a lot, but I rarely have that much light.  If the bird is hanging out at a particular spot for a few minutes I will usually have a couple of shots that I'm happy with technically.  If they are moving through I might not get anything.

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