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Re: On recent cameras: EM-1, XT-1, A6000 ...

blue_skies wrote

You know, in the exchange with ttan98 (above) it occurred to me that Sony has to cater to two user bases: 1) the 'no ownership pride' owner and 2) the 'it is the best' owner.

Fuji only caters to the #2, and Oly seems to have its customers wrapped into #2 as well.

But Sony ended up neither here nor there.

That is because, as I wrote a while ago somewhere on this forum, the Sony "community" is heterogeneous, with P&S upgraders (like me) or people that got a DSLR backup or former rangefinder users that now don't or cannot get a new Leica (but own a series of good/excellent rangefinder lenses).

Many of the #1 owners only want cheap - they may have gotten a Nex camera second hand, and bark at high prices. But then again, they are satisfied with the quality.

Satisfaction is a good thing

Whereas the #2 owner don't look at the prices as much as they look at the specs. As long as it is best, it is good. A Zeiss lens is great, but it has to be flawless. And if Fuji puts out a 56/1.2 they cry loud that they must have a same option.

True, there's lots of size complex on this point!

Group #1 users would simply mount a legacy lens and call it a day.

And I found out it can be lots of fun, for very little price, and also the chance to learn a lot about photography.

ttan98 would be happy with the A6000 and kit lens, per exchanges above, with one or two lower-priced primes. Sony gives that option.

Precisely! Sony ranges from affordable to high-end, giving you the option to grow within the brand. The problem is that the most experienced users might criticize the prices of the high-end lenses Sony showcases.

There are pro users that would use the A6000 with the E1670 and the E24Z only, as only that reaches the quality level that they seek, and they are confident that it is good enough.

And there are advanced users that would criticize even such pairings, and insist on a flawless execution, because Fuji has a 56/1.2 or Oly has a 75/1.8. They need bragging rights, and Sony has to create it for them. Some are not even users at all.

I see, on people's profiles, users with lots of lenses and users with a few lenses. Invariably, those complaining the loudest about a limited availability of lens choices or lens IQ are those that have purchased only a few lenses. It should be the other group speaking up, not them.

Your point here can make sense, despite you can also frequently read around that people would like a Sigma Emount zoom or a compact and affordable 24 or 27mm prime. In the end, it's the only things the Emount lineup is missing!

Or, as one forum member posted: "Why can't we just tell each other how we can make this stuff work, now that I have purchased it?"

The Fuji group is also interesting in its behavior - Fuji wants to be seen as 'the poor man's Leica' it seems, and the users are mimicking a certain 'Leica-man attitude' on their forum. It goes beyond pride of ownership - they place themselves in a superior position, because they have 'the right' equipment.

Even there, there's many users that speak a lot about how wonderful their pictures are, but they then publish meaningless pics (or no pics at all).

As for me, I'm waiting to get better before publishing anything

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