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Re: DP2M - People shot phenonmenon

Blackraven wrote:

Original Jpeg

Close up of the nostril with strange black shadow

Firstly, just to make it known, I am a full-on fan of the Sigma Foveon cameras and own the DP1M, DP2M and recently acquired the SD1 w, 17-50mm which I am still putting through its paces.
From extensive use, I've come to realise that the Sigmas are too harsh for Portraiture in general and try to avoid employing them in this capacity - but the example above has really taken me aback.

the DP2M is brilliant for portraits.

I used the DP2M to take a "snap-shot" in JPEG mode - which I rarely use as I mainly take RAWs. Upon close examination of the face (ok - i was pixel-peeping:)), i noticed that there was a strange black outline/shadow on the nose (see the close up). The outline looks like it was drawn on with a black marker pen. I did not touch-up or PP the photo what so ever. I have 5 similar shots with the same outline/shadow. It is very noticeable and unflattering to say the least.

Snap shot in that sun will achieve nothing of worth.

Admittedly, the lighting that day was quite harsh and contrasty but the line/shadow looks un-natural evenso. I find it distinctively wierd and artificial. Did the jpeg engine create this phenomenon? I havent had the opportunity to try something similar using RAW to test it out.

again, the conditions and where she is seated.

I really hope that this is the jpeg engine at fault and doesnt occur with RAW. Has anyone else experienced similar with their portrait shots? Is it common?


Anyhow, I think I'll refrain from pointing my DP/SDs at people in future and keep to taking photos of inanimate objects.


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