The Quattro is Ugly

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Re: Vital issue

Gesture wrote:

The core minimalist shell is very much like the latest from Sony and Samsung. There is nothing exceptional here, just some questionable choices.

For right-handers, the hand will probably adjust to that grip, but a forward projecting grip, as camera after camera has, is simply more comfortable and balances the thumb with the fingers. I wish Sigma had really thought modular: lenses; multiple grips; add-ons for EVF, remote; swivel capability, etc.

There's a lot of potential in making the camera longer, but this design doesn't realize them.

Indeed. Pick up a camera with a forward grip (i.e. practically any dslr etc) with your left hand and with the lens pointing towards you.

That gives you an approximation of how the DPxQs might feel. Not good IMHO.

edit: For right-handers I mean. Imagine it was in your right hand. OR hold it upside down in your right hand!

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