Isnt 16MP a feature ? D4s....and yes copycat marketing..

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Isnt 16MP a feature ? D4s....and yes copycat marketing..

Dont get me wrong as a D800 E user and D4 user I bought the later not only but also because it was just 16MP and I could transfer the files much faster and also batch process the picture sizes much faster... for press work 16Mp is and was ample....

The D4s at 24Mp ... not very tempting...

A normal photoday is around 800 pics raw and processed in Lightroom.

When I come home at around 22PM thats another 2 hours... and thats loading the files...and

simply letting the puter compute.....

If I need big I already have cameras !

Nikon is looking at Canon and Canon is looking closely at Nikon... always been...

The Amateur market is looking at what the pros are using.. and in the end... Marketing is killing ideas....

High time Nikon IS NOT coming out with a new D400 like many and alsoThom is suggesting..

High time Nikon is coming out with something that has 16MP with FF and ultra fast fps and very big buffer for very long bursts with EVF(yes a FF series 1) and swivel display 360 deg and full weatherproofing .

Has anyone of you tried to use live view for press shooting.... ist clack clack clack... awfull !

Milc and swivel Display is a godsent if you have 2 rows of shoving press people in front of you

and you can shoot overhead and not do that blind folded......

Even Hasselblad could be used overhead 50 years ago and also the Nikon F if turned around with waistlevel finder

And what is the D4S just a little more of the same thing... and an hour longer of processing....

Nikon please dont change the D4 concept much .. theres a lot of pople that want excatly that..

but give us something NEW a new concept on top of that..

Sony is at least trying to find new ways.. and guess what.... I like what I see in an Alpha 99

and a so much laughed at Hasselblad offspin of the Alpha 99...

Its at least a new concept........ !


PS ! : ist not necessary to change the mount ! Ist perfectly doable with the old mount !

Nikon D4 Nikon D800 Sony Alpha a99
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