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Re: re: the APS-C has one very important, distinct advantage over FF...

parallaxproblem wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

found the list, BUT... it is an old one (no a6k on it yet) - so we don't know much from it about compatibility, and even less about the actual speed ADVANTAGES. Which is pretty strange as they should be the most interested party to keep it most recent - if only for PR purposes.

Also, already I've a problem to keep with the naming scheme, so had a bit of puzzlement trying to remember what the heck might be the ILCE-7???


ILCE is the replacement name for 'NEX': http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3605610

ILCE-7 is the A7

Interesting that on your list the (APS-C) 18-105G only provides 'Fast-Hybrid AF' with the A7, and not with the NEX-5R/T or NEX-6!!!!

Something for potential owners of this lens to consider...

Also that the FE 35 and 55 lenses do not seem to make use of the 'Fast-Hybrid AF' on the NEX cameras, either... seems like a bit of a mess!

I hope it gets cleaned-up for the A6000!

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"Also that the FE 35 and 55 lenses do not seem to make use of the 'Fast-Hybrid AF' on the NEX cameras, either... seems like a bit of a mess!"

Not so sure about that, at least for the 55:

The FE 35 and 55 FE lenses are like a lot of the previous Zeiss primes, and do not have the PDAF technology. 'Fast-Hybrid AF' on the NEX is only achieved on a small selection of NEX E lenses branded Sony.

However, the term "advanced electronic-optical hybridization" leaps out at me from this Sony review of the Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA lens. This seems to be the Sony term for "Fast-Hybrid AF."


Also seen via this page, there's this about 2X Clear Image zoom which is attainable with this new lens: "Clear Image Zoom makes this prime lens into a video zoom lens; e. g., Clear Image Zoom 2X through the Sony FE 55 mm F/1.8-F/22 Carl Zeiss prime lens, takes it up to 110 mm telephoto. Thereby, this lens can take portraits with spectacular F/1.8 bokeh or close ups with exquisitely detailed F/22 razor-sharp compositions"



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