Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: interesting question

as we assess a scene we make adjustments to EV to meet our needs and to take advantage of a cameras capabilities.  That's not ETTR, that's good photography.  If we run into a scene with dynamic range beyond the camera's capabilities we make a series of decisions in exposure and in post processing.  That's not ETTR, that's good photography.

The concept of ETTR is based on faulty logic in my opinion and if it was ever advisable which I doubt then advances in sensor design make it a meaningless concept now..again, in my opinion.  To over ride the camera's or photographer's abilities to constantly overexpose also borders on the danger of blowing out one or more of the channels.  In camera histograms and blinkies are indications of exposure and not guarantees.

Although I've had an ETTR conversation with many photographers over the years I've yet to be shown that it works at all.

But...that's in my opinion.

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