PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

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Brian in Montana
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Re: PLEASE STOP Hawking That guy

Not to be overly technical about it, but...

Ken could take Thom in a fight, and that's all I care about, because what's the essence of photography if not fighting? Besides, Ken gave me a new purpose in life - to become the owner of a Nikon 8mm 2.8 fisheye. I have no use for it photographically, but it will be the basis of obtaining a restraining order against my wife and kids to keep them from coming within 500 feet of my "equipment".

But back to fighting.... The 800mm5.6 packs a wallop, but it's so heavy at almost 5 kilos - geez, by the time you swing it around the other guy has pummeled you three times with his 300mm2.8. Better yet - and I know not everybody here is a fan of tele zooms, but - I recommend the new Tamron 150-600, at just under 2 kilos, paired with a D7100 (I know it won't be as sharp on a DX, but the grip on the D800 is just a bit bulky in battle). Sure you lose a little reach, but you'll get in, get the shot and be outta there before they knew what hit them - AND laugh all the way to the bank! If you don't believe me, just check the review over at DxOMark.

Please help support my family. It isn't growing anymore, but since cameras and body armor are so expensive, we've had to stop feeding our youngest for now. Just send fifty bucks to "Brian in Montana" - they'll get it to me. And thanks!

And remember, Ken won a Blue Ribbon with a photo from his Cellphone camera... twice. Ken can shoot sharp sport pics on bulb exposure while running. Ken once shot a pulitzer prize-winning photo using nothing but a toothpick. Ken is so tough he could slam a revolving door! Superman has a pair of Ken pajamas!

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