And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

juvx wrote:

Mike in Kansas wrote:

juvx wrote:

Mike in Kansas wrote:

I've always felt that Sony is a consumer electronics company, and Fuji is a photo/imaging company. Both make good products, but I feel that Fuji will be more true to their optics roots than Sony will ever be.

Try the A7r with the 55mm FE lens and get back to me. It blows 3000$ DSLRS (5d MK3) with 2000$ lenses away....

Great - they have a good product now. Where will it be in a few years? If I'm going to move from one system (Nikon) to another (Fuji), I want there to be a good possibility that it will still be supported and updated in 5 years or so. I feel that Fuji will do that, Sony not so much. But that is my own opinion that may not be shared by others. If, on the other hand, you feel that cameras are disposable electronics like iPhones, then Sony might suit you fine.

Who said it wont be supported???? wtf is this coming from? haha they simply rebranded the NEX to Alpha... they will still release new e mount lenses.... just no successor to the NEX 7... not sure what the problem is.... Also keep in mind SIGMA makes some GREAT e mount lenses. Iv owned a few and they were great.

There are a lot more companies that make e mount lenses then x mount...Rokinon, Sigma, Sony, Zeiss, Tamron, there about 80 lenses to choose from and more will come out.... not sure what you guys are even talking about? not supported? lol ...

Really, what makes you guys think it E mount wont be supported for many many years to come, explain?

After Sony bought Minolta they trumpeted the idea that all those old Minolta lenses would work on the A mount - and they do. Even today.

However, Sony abandoned the Minolta lenses to the extent that they ever needed repairs of any kind - even to this day. If you asked Sony to repair it, they would respond by telling you to buy a new Sony product.

What this experience teaches us is that while Sony may retain some backward compatibility they really just want you to buy new Sony stuff on a continuous basis.  Which makes good business sense but tends to irritate your user base.  Particularly when lenses can be expected to last for years, if not decades.

So when it comes to NEX, I personally doubt their motivation to fully maintain the line when based on my experiences I strongly suspect that they really want their users to rebuy everything in the new(ish) system.

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