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Re: This is becoming hilarious

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So we lost Mic input and AF/MF-lock controls?

This can't be real, can it?

...the only question mark is WHEN??

Even SAR says it openly: "I saw a couple of sites claiming the A6000 doesn’t replace the Nex7 and that there may be a new A7000 APS-C model in future with TriNavi. I can confirm via trusted sources that this isn’t true. There will be no A7000 APS-C(!) E-mount camera in 2014. I repeat it, no APS-C A7000 with TriNavi in 2104".

For sure a6k DOESN'T REPLACE the N7, too many reasons to list them here again. So I find it interesting to observe why Andrea of SAR is so adamantly set on repeating the Sony's mantra??

As it seems... they just try to repeat the same marketing trick they did on Oct 20th, 2013 simultaneously killing the Nex name, while releasing A7/A7r, casting a shadow of doubt on the very continuity of Nex'en line, to milk the market with the FF craze.

Now it is to milk the APS-C market by cutting all promise of ever having a top-of-the-line, true APS-C flagship, but of course after the hype and buzz subsides, there will again be a need to release something new - a business as usual in the new season.

And yes, it won't be a huge surprise to see N7 mk-II already announced (to be delivered early in 2015) on Photokina in Cologne mid Sept. 2014


I'm really not so sure - by 2015 an FF camera in the $1200 will be a distinct possibility (in fact clearout A7's will probably be selling for that price or less). Will Sony really sell a high-end APS-C and a low-end FF body at the same price? (I know Canon do, but we are talking Sony here)

The very obvious signal of no high-end APS-C body is that Sony will increasingly swap-out APS-C sensors for FF ones down the product range as the costs decrease leaving APS-C only at the very budget-end or not at all

As a marketing tactic I don't think 'scaring people into FF' as you suggest will work... many here simply can't afford to buy the very expensive FE lenses ($800 and greater), but will think that their current system is pencilled in for discontinuation and so sell-off their current lenses while they have the chance and buy into a more affordable system from another manufacturer

Perhaps the discontinuation of the NEX name really meant the start of the discontinuation of APS-C E-mount as some suggested at the time?

Sony need to clear this up by issueing some kind of commitment to high-end APS-C body (no specifics or dates, but just that there will be one) and/or an APS-C lens roadmap. EDIT: I guess they can't commit to a better camera than the A6000 or people will wait for it rather than buying the A6000, but they could still issue an APS-C lens roadmap and maybe state an ongoing commitment to 'enthusiast level' APS-C E-mount bodies into the future

Sony's customer management really is terrible leaving us all with current NEX investments to wonder what is happening with their new product range!

I wonder what Zeiss think of all this after spending all that money developing those APS-C Touits?

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After all the weeping and wailing and doomsaying about the APS-C and Nex bodies and....

The logic against was so straightforward and obvious. Now that the new APS-C and Nex type body is with us,  we have to have  a whole new twist  created to continue the angst. And I love the spin now applied to the Zeiss relationship.
It all reminds me of the sort of convoluted arguments used by those who gives us a date for the end of the world, then come up with arguments to show why they were actually right when they got it wrong.

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