It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

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Re: It's not a really big deal but I got a Magazine Cover.

Adam Aitken wrote:

Great work brecklundin. Did they ask for particular images, or did you just send them stuff? I ask because I am interested in how the magaziine cover format requires different composition - I mean you need space at the tope of the image fr the magazine title etc. I read somewhere that stock photography requires this sort of thinking too.

More covers for you!

Adam A

Hi Adam,

Thanks.  And no there weren't specific shots asked for.  Some general ideas and after that i got to play arounds shooting what I thought was interesting.  There were types of shots discussed but they let me decide about looks, angles and what not.  I was shooting with web in mind not print though in processing it was with an eye to some print promo materials for the client.

I wasn't asked to shoot for the cover but was shooting for a different project entirely so that makes this better.  Basically this was a case where even a squirrel finding a nut now and then.

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