a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Re: a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

kcamacho11 wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

Well, 11fps with live tracking AF is something. It's faster than OMD E-M1 and mind you it's an APS-C sensor with 24.3 Mp! Fastest AF (in the world?) 0.06s CIPA.

Shall we say that DSLR speed from now on is lagging behind latest mirrorless cameras like a6000? I honestly see no point in any further mirror usage in cameras from now on.

Gee, that's nice. While Olympus, Fuji and others have pro-grade, fast lenses that are weather-sealed.

It is more than the camera itself. Sony is disappointing many by not providing pro-grade fast prime/mid-zoom lenses. Instead just keeps releasing cameras left and right.....and there is no future roadmap of any high-quality lenses for E-mount that people can look forward to getting.

Instead, they just come out with a midzoom __-__mm lens, put an "F4" on it and call it a day.
Same thing they are doing with the FE lenses.

I guess they are trying to attract the users that care more about the smaller size, instead of the professional build and optics.

Well isn't that the target group Sony said they were aiming the E-mount cameras at?

When Sony comes with good quality lenses (look at the 24mm, 35mm,50mm, 55mm f1.8 lenses) People complain that these lenses are to expensive and/or to big. When Sony comes with a small 20mm and 16-50mm pancake,  people are complaining that the lenses are not the super hig grade lenses they wanted. When Sony will come with a xx-yyy 2.8 zoom lens people willstart complaining again over the size and the price (what is the meaning of a small body when the lenses are big?)

Sony started the E-mount for the P&S people who wanted a better camera, but didn't want the large DSLR. So it makes sense that they start with good (not great) lenses that are not to big. For the FF E-mount cameras they came with smaller (35 f2.8) and larger (55mm f1.8, 70-200 f4) lenses and you know what? Complain, complain, complain. Not form the users of the camera and lenses, but from people who are not using the camera. They just want to have a reason for not buying the camera. Well I have one for you: The price! I whish I had the money to buy the A7r and the beautifull lenses and the A6000 and some great lenses, but I have not

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