uh oh, no A7000...?

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Re: A6000 versus the NEX 7

SQLGuy wrote:

Section10 wrote:

What am I missing?

I've been waiting for the NEX 7 replacement but with this announcement, save the name 6000, this is just about everything I expected from the $1200 replacement but for $650. Good news for me, it'll get me back into the Sony system (only using rx1r lately and Canon)

I have my Touit waiting for a good hi-res body, only problem there is that benefit to super fast autofocus won't be as noticeable on the Touit.

I heard one say its too many reasons to get into again, but what features are missing? They put the metal body, mode dial, NFC, WIFI...24.3... to me they mixed the NEX 7 and NEX 6 models with A7 and got the A6000. What is the NEX 7 fans missing on this? Tri Nav? ehh, I barely used the second dial, thats why I prefer a mode dial there anyway.

Only thing we're waiting for is actual high ISO samples and performance of everything. To me this was a surprisingly good move for Sony. Or maybe they should've called it A7000 and charged a few hundred more..

I agree with you. From what I can see, the A6000 should exceed the NEX-7 in IQ, speed, and most areas of usability. From what I can tell, the disappointed side of the crowd is missing:

AF/MF mode switch - easily assignable, but not dedicated.

2nd control wheel - though you get the mode dial instead, which, to me is not a bad trade-off... I had always wished I could assign a control wheel as a mode dial on my NEX-7.

Microphone input jack - though there are multiple microphone and jack options that connect to the MI shoe.

In short, I think Sony has provided an excellent camera for actual photography in the A6000, at a great price, and in a form factor that is clearly the same concept as the NEX-6/NEX-7. Some people will not be happy if they don't have something to complain about, though. One complaint was that the black mount ring on the A6000 would probably get scratched.... IMO, that's up there with the guy who was complaining that he didn't like the airplane icon on the screen when the A7 is in airplane mode.

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A7 with kit lens and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

I agree. With Sony it always seems to be the results of decisions made after the engineers are finished, made by Managers based on trivial data coming from focus groups and cost accountants. And as per usual, for a cost of $100 more passed onto the buyer, we could have had....perfection.

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