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Re: You are comparing bodies only.....

kcamacho11 wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

So, consider the 24Mp sensor in the A6000, and then consider these lenses, just to name a few:

  1. 12mm: Zeiss Touit 12/2.8
  2. 15mm: E20/2.8 + UWA
  3. 19mm: Sigma 19/2.8
  4. 20mm: E20/2.8
  5. 24mm: E24/1.8
  6. 30mm: Sigma 30/2.8
  7. 30mm: E30M/3.5 Macro
  8. 32mm: Zeiss Touit 32/1.8
  9. 35mm: E35/1.8 OSS
  10. 50mm: E50/1.8 OSS
  11. 50mm: Zeiss Touit 50mm/2.8 Macro
  12. 55mm: Zeiss Touit
  13. 60mm: Sigma 60/2.8

And in zoom lenses:

  1. wide: E1018/4 OSS - can show magenta cast, but great images
  2. kit: E1855 OSS
  3. performance: E1670/4 OSS
  4. mid: E18108/4 OSS
  5. long: E18200 OSS or E55210 OSS


Where are the fast F1.2 or F1.4 primes?

NOT REALLY NECESSARY WITH SUCH A FAST 24MP SENSOR. And largr 32 mp and 50 mp sensors already out there, from Sony. Going into Canikons, etc. F1.2/1.4 lenses would be TOO large. Lots of manual lenses available in those sizes.

Where are the F2.8 mid zooms? Not even an F2.8-F4?

Where is a fast telezoom?

Good questions; Sony should have produced more lenses, especially OSS lenses.

A Zeiss 16-70 F4 for $999 which has gotten mixed reviews? That's nice....when there is a marvelous Fuji 18-55 F2.8-F4 for $695.

It's cheaper than that; besides, it works very well with the 24 mp NEX-7 so it should work well with the A6000.

A Zeiss Touit 32 F1.8 for $700 + ?? ....how about maybe a Fuji 35mm F1.4 for $450?

This is the main reason why I switched to Fuji and let my brother have my NEX camera system and lenses. The only other Sony camera I have now is the RX100M2.

Sony has NO indication what-so-ever that they will be releasing pro-grade, FAST, weather-sealed lenses, or weather-sealed APS-C bodies for that matter. New released camera, no updated lens road map....when Fuji has already announced a 16-55 F2.8 (weather-sealed), 50-140 F2.8 (weather-sealed), and another super-telephoto lens to be determined.

Look, we get that you sure adore Sony mirrorless cameras and trying to make a strong case for the Sony system, put it is not hard to point at the facts.......and as it has been mentioned in this thread, you are making comparisons of the cameras by themselves, instead of the entire system as a whole (lenses, flashes, ergonomics).

It is a no brainer that Sony is behind in quality lenses for E-mount cameras, as basically every other camera-review website state themselves as well.

The ZEISS branded lenses are mostly professional grade excellence.

Even the lowly 16E2.8 has experienced a resurgence of sorts. Quality control issues produce many bad lenses originally from Sony's Thailand factory. More recent lenses are much better...I have one. No de-centering etc. And all the NEX cameras after the C-3 had distortion-correction available in the menu which made a HUGE difference to the 16. Now the 16's UWA is something else!!! It is EXCELLENT and I am currently using it with my Lumix 14mm f2.5 lens.. it simply snaps on the end!  Results are much sharper and undistorted than using my Lumix G. 46mm UWA.  (Please tell Mr. Ripley.)

WRT Fuji, I own a later-version X10 compact without white orbs. It is a marvelous JPEG machine; great lens and I prefer the EXR system to the X-Trans of later X-models. VERY under-rated because most users never really figured out how to get the best from these.

X'cuse my ramblin' ways.


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