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Here is mine ...

notgoodwithpowertools wrote:


I've finally made a start with raw files and am testing Capture One with the trial period. I'm not really sure how to get the most out of raw so wondering if anyone has any pointers, particularly when compared to the OOC jpg from the X-E2.

This shot is of a Tawny Frogmouth and her chick in the backyard tree. I captured jpg and raw formats using the 55-200. The jpg looks OK to me and could do with some better framing/cropping as the shot was taken at some distance contending with branches, foliage and wind.

X-E2 with 55-200 - f4.5, 1/640, ISO 1600

There are probably some highlights that have blown out so have tried bumping up the HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE setting as well as some contrast and clarity. The C1 settings are in this grab

This is the resulting image with crop

For some reason the images don't look so sharp when viewed in the post/upload but I am happy with the sharpness around the eyes when viewed natively on the system.

Anyway, my query is how would you go about getting more out of such a shot using the raw file and information. Any suggestions for what you might have applied to such a shot? I'm new to this photo editing and Capture One in particular so any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.


Here is mine, have applied local adjustments to darken the sky and then shadow recovery and a tad sharpening (soft sharpening 1) Applied a very shallow s-curve, tricky file because of the harsh contrast between the blown out sky, the blue rendering around the branches on top of the image and to the right of the birds ...

Then cropped the image. Spent a couple of minutes on the file, with more time I would have addressed the over-sharpening of the feathers, but maybe you get the gist?

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