uh oh, no A7000...?

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Canon is not better. Cheap FF 6D = Death of Canon 7D mkII

parallaxproblem wrote:

I'm really not so sure - by 2015 an FF camera in the $1200 will be a distinct possibility (in fact clearout A7's will probably be selling for that price or less). Will Sony really sell a high-end APS-C and a low-end FF body at the same price? (I know Canon do, but we are talking Sony here)

Canon actually don't. It is the same complain over @Canon 40d/50d/7D forum:

Canon 7D (mk2) is missing because of Low End FF Canon 6D for $1578, just like:

Sony NEX-7 (mk2) is missing because of Low End FF Sony A7 for $1698

With both brand, the CHEAP FF = Death of Advance APS-C.  FF will only get cheaper in the future, so there is a pricing pressure on advance APS-C.

I haven't check the price for Nikon, but its the same story.  Cheaper Nikon D600 = death of Nikon D400.

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