What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: Different strokes for different folks, that is for sure.

Marty4650 wrote:

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Marty4650 wrote:

I think most M4/3 users want a camera that takes interchangable lenses, but if there are any who were yearning for a fixed lens camera.. then Canon just created a nice one for them.

I totally agree.

I don’t have unlimited funds for quality m4/3 lenses and don’t like the idea of always carrying a bag with multiples lenses. If all reviews will be as good as I think they will be on the G1X MkII and its IQ are outstanding, well, it might just sway my opinion.

Without a doubt, interchangeable lens cameras generally cost a lot more than fixed lens cameras once you go beyond a few kit lenses. They are usually a lot bigger and heavier too. Once you start buying lenses, you need a camera bag, no matter how tiny that camera is. It will never be as convenient as a fixed lens camera is, assuming you can live with the focal length range.

Image quality is not an issue here.

I totally agree.

I think you are right. A fixed lens camera is a one time sale. An ILC is a gift that keeps giving for the manufacturer.

I totally agree.

The truth is.... most cameras you read about here are overpriced . These are all very expensive toys for people who can afford them. Cost is a relative term that relates very closely to means, needs, and interests. Some of the high end M4/3 lenses cost more than a good mid level DSLR does.

I totally agree.

You know what; I think you just might be right after all.

1. I have always enjoyed the freedom of putting a camera in either a belt pouch or small weather proof fanny pack I have. Don’t think I could ever get used to carrying a bag over my shoulder all day when traveling. It seems like that would get real old, real quick, for me anyway.

2. Never missed a shot due to having the wrong lens on at that critical moment.

3. Never got dust on my imaging sensor. Never sent any camera in for maintenance.

4. Never paid exorbitant prices for multiple expensive lenses.

5. Never had any issues with Shutter Shock! That would really anger me after spending big bucks.

6. Never had any issues with poor quality printing, 11x14” is the largest I ever printed anyway.

7. Never had any issues with poor quality images posted on the web or sent via email.

8. Never had any issues with not being able to get narrow enough DOF, I don’t like that anyway.

9. Never had any issues with no built in flash or EVF’s falling off, breaking, etc…

I think I’ll wait to see how good/great the IQ and lens is on the G1X-MkII after the reviews having been completed. By that time (April-May), the new rumored Nikon Coolpix P8000 with a 24-120mm f/2.0-3.0 lens and 1” senor should be out. Hell, you never know, maybe even Canon may finally even put a 1” sensor in the G17, if they make it and know what is good for them. They better do something if the G1X-MkII does not live up to ALL its hype and promises. It should be interesting to see how well the reviews turn out for the G1X-MkII, one way or the other. Thanks for your reply!

While most of those points are very valid arguments for the convenience of something like the G1X, I think a couple miss the mark...

P&S with retractable lenses have their own issues with dust, if you're stuffing it in a bag with other gear or a coat pocket it's very easy for dust to get inside the lens after settling on the edges of the sliding/retracting mechanism, which itself is often more fragile (see S100 lens issues). Frankly I think as long as you take care of your stuff it's not a big deal for either camp, though I haven't had my MFT camera anywhere near as long as my previous P&S so I may yet run into unforseen issues.

Also, my MFT travels just fine on a small waist/fanny pack, even with two or three lenses. I couldn't find a waist pack *made* for cameras as small as I needed so I'm actually using regular old fanny packs you'd find at a surf shop or whatever (at least that's where I find them in Puerto Rico). I can put a 20mm, 45mm, 12-32mm and a 9-18mm (if I had it, the 14-42 II makes a good size stand in) in a pack like that and still have room for sunglasses, a multi tool, and other small knick knacks.

I don't think I'd carry a bag any smaller for something like the G1X, I'd just have more room in there I guess... Most of those lenses are <$400 too. I think a lot of people overdo it with their bags/gear, which seems to totally defeat one of the biggest draws to MFT for me.

Something like the G1X is still more convenient in other senses tho... No lens cap, longer zoom range without swaps (albeit less versatile), way more compact if you actually use that 90-120mm range a lot, way cheaper for bright 24mm, etc. I agree something as inconsequential for many as the built in flash is kind of a big deal for others (one of the things that turns me off the Pens, along with 16:9 displays). The EVF falls into the same category for many...

I think Canon could've included a low quality one (like the LF1) and still retained the hotshoe option for a pricey/HQ EVF. I can't imagine something like the LF1 EVF takes any space at all, it's not very enjoyable but still better than nothing (or a $300 bolt on) if you just want it for framing in the middle of the day.

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