Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Re: To wb2trf.

OvinceZ wrote:

If I say I am disappointed about the A7R photos of the Anzac Bridge then that is exactly how I feel and no amount of arguing is going to change that perception.

You are free to have your feelings regardless of are they based on nonsense flawed "analysis", and I assume no amount of logic would change that perception of yours. However, when you try to present flawed nonsense to public as a fact don't get all touchy feely if you are told what others think of it.

I see wb2trf got 14 ticks of approval. Well, consensus doesn't always mean that person is right.

Feelings don't mean person is right either. Only facts do.

How many people posting here have the A7R? How many have taken photos with it in the summer? When and if you do own this camera then good luck with your photos. I have been impressed with the Sony sensors and this aberration won't change much...except I respect the Foveon sensor more.

Result in pictures you posted here has nothing to do with sensor and has everything to do with person that took them.

Thank goodness everyone is an expert on dpreview

Exactly. Irony is that statements like those go both ways.

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