uh oh, no A7000...?

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Re: uh oh, no A7000...?

EinsteinsGhost wrote:


So we lost Mic input and AF/MF-lock controls?

This can't be real, can it?

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As real as SAR's predictions and opinions can be.

Sony isn't about to leave a big expanse of market that has been extremely successful occupied by NEX-6 and NEX-7. There will be an a7000 although with two announcements in a matter of weeks, I would expect Sony to pull back a little before making another. In fact, a6000 doesn't get to market until about end of March or early April.

The prediction about a focus on FE isn't far fetched, it is common sense. The APSc line is fairly mature and FF has only two models. If the AF system in a6000 works as advertised, and under a variety of conditions, the possibility of an Alpha 9 (aka a9) increases, above a7r.

Sure, there is a chance of lesser model under a7 as well but it will have to be stripped of features and I doubt that will be Sony's focus at this time. May be even EVFless or a more basic EVF, if not optional.

From a marketing standpoint providing the A6000 with AF that is far superior to that in the A7 and A7r full frame cameras strongly suggests successors are coming soon in the full frame line. Planned obsolescence has always been with us in digital cameras, but Sony has refined planned obsolescence to a fine art.

As far as the thoughts of some here that there will be a NEX 7 upgrade to full frame, what sense does that make? Sony already has full frame lines. The more interesting question is what technological improvements could be added above and beyond the A6000 that would inspire purchase of a NEX 7 successor. I have my doubts that adding megapixels is likely above 24 meg for an APSC sensor due to noise considerations. Touchscreen? Only exciting for a few. Weatherproofing? Worthy, but not as useful as many think. IBIS? Probably not in the same size body that already puts OSS in many proprietary lenses. The list could go on and on, but Sony will really have to put their thinking caps on if they are going to come up with an A7000 that will have many advantages over the A6000, such that it will sell like hotcakes.

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