Anybody here using base-ISO exclusively or predominantly?

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Re: interesting question

dmaclau wrote:

If i understand your question it asks if it's better to up the ISO 2X (or whatever) in camera or bump exposure 2X in processing. I'm thinking you might be the one that tells the rest of us. I would bet though that adjustments are better made in-camera.

Also, ETTR might be a popular topic in forums but I've yet to see any practical application for it in photography.

In my mind, I see advantages to ETTR when you have a high-dynamic range scene where you want details in both the highlights and the shadows.  While it's true that a full ETTR exposure will result in a too-bright scene as a whole, it also means you have more information in the shadows.  So, you tone down the highlights and the mid-tones, and then bump the shadows less than you would have otherwise, or perhaps not at all, resulting in better IQ in the shadows.

But I agree, if all you are going to do in post is simply drop exposure across the entire scene, then all ETTR has given you is at best a little more flexibility in post, and at worst an extra step you didn't need to do.

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