Sensor performance, quantum efficiency, sensorgen and DXOmark

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Re: Sensor performance, quantum efficiency, sensorgen and DXOmark

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Nearly 4 years ago I presented here a way to estimate the quantum efficiency of camera sensors by analizing SNR data from DXOmark. Since than many new cameras were tested by DXO and even a website called sensorgen is providing QE data (besides other sensor parameters). This is a nice way to public the true sensor parameters rather than just the high-level SNR data like DXOmark. The only point is that the calculation of QE is based on several assumption which IMO is not adequate mentioned by sensorgen. Therefore, I have summarized the theory behind and provided also some new results with focus on low light performance. The paper can be found here.

The QE results are also shown in the figure below.

Snip. what's the deal with the 70D on this graph?

The deal you'd expect. a modern sensor with about the same QE as Canon's other modern sensors.

well except that canon's APS-C sensors have never reached a peak of 51% QE - their best is prior best 42%.

Yes, but they hadn't, until this, designed a new APS-C sensor for a very long time.

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