What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: Re. Finally.... a fixed lens M4/3 camera.... and from Canon!

glanzrabe wrote:

I´m not so sure about this; if the lens is of good quality, there simply is no equivalent lens in the m43 line...

I really can´t understand why a lens in this range ( eq. 24-120 or 28-140 or 28-200 )

with 2,8-3,5 or 2,8-4 and with high build quality isn´t high on the priority list of Olympus or Panasonic...


I totally agree.

What mFT needs is a small, high quality 2,8-4/12-60mm lens - it could be the size of the old 14-45.

Or just a mFT, fixed lens 2,0-4,0/12-60 and 16MP camera.

But I think, Olympus and Panasonic are afraid this would reduce lens and body sales. Just the way Canon cripple their G1X with a 13MP sensor.


Yeah there's definitely room for higher quality MFT zooms that sit somewhere between the f2.8 zooms and the kit zooms... Panasonic did a great job shrinking the 14-45 II and 12-32 (which I actually ordered from Japan, Panasonic USA moves at a snail's pace)...

I think something that's faster (without being constant aperture) in the $500-700 range would probably sell really well, maybe better than the superzooms, and I'm curious just how small it could be. I wouldn't say the system *needs* such a lens, since few systems even have something like that, but it'd certainly make it much more attractive.

I'd still rather have a cheaper fast wide prime tho (cheaper than the 12mm anyway), that's the biggest draw on the G1X for me. The 24-120 range is convenient but I'm not tripping over myself to reach for that over a 20/1.7 or 45/1.8.

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