And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

I sat on the fence with fuji for a long time, made my excuses, too big with lenses (heavy for my arthritis, watercolor effect, etc).. Af never an issue for me.  Tried both the X100S, really liked it but the  Ricoh GR was more portable, used the XE and had my issues with the zoom size when extended. What else is there in APSc that stands up to Fuji, Ricoh my preferred brand abandoned us with the GXR, this is what scares me about Sony. I have had Sony TV's and video recorders for when my daughter was little, but video is meaningless for me. I have always love still photograph. I almost went the m43 route but there are compromises, they are a bit smaller but when you get into the better lenses you lose the advantage. IQ, well I have read the arguments on the M43 forum about NR being applied to Fuji RAW, I see the DPR comparisons but do not see it anywhere else. Fuji glass is glass I feel I can trust. Bodies will come and go, glass will stay. I would rather today have an XE1 than an A6000 as I know where Fuji is going (I think). I also think I know where Sony is going, going to change when they do not get what they want. I believe they will go totally full frame and the lenses will be developed for that format. I do not need FF, sure it is nice, I am an old film guy, now I view my pics on my computer, whenI did film I made 8x10's, I am sure I will not do bigger now when I start printing again (if)... APSc is fine for me, I have good PP as I like to shoot RAW but if a jpeg is good then so be it.... I just personally do not trust Sony to stay on track, whatever that means for them.

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