dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

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Re: dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

HBowman wrote:

With the foveon chip, who need more power than bayer to work because there is 3 layers to read, even a high photon flux can be a problem.

Perhaps they need a photon flux capacitor to modulate the noise. Surely these have shrunk enough since 1985 to fit

Electrons and magnetic flux are a problem. The DPM series do not have more powerful batteries because it would have impacted the IQ in a large margin. Low power >> low emission.

And here I thought they had lower capacity batteries to keep the size/weight down.  Batteries are rated in watt-amp-hours for a given voltage.  You can have larger batteries and just draw the same power for longer instead of drawing more power for the same amount of time.

On the Merrill series, most of the banding can be interpreted as a frequency. This frequency can have 3 sources, the screen, the processor and the batteries.

This is the first I've heard of electronic noise from Lithium Ion batteries.  Now some chargers have noisy circuits ....

My wild guess is that the battery AND the True III proc are far away from the sensor.

So these are all wild guesses?

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