The more you know (about great photography) the less pictures you take?

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Re: But gear IS important…….

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I always go to those lengths. It is simply the process. I have driven hundreds of miles in a pick up truck with furniture and and a model to be on a dry lake bed in the middle of nowhere at 5 in the afternoon. Other times I am simply in my own back yard. My gear is relatively low priced at this point - that's is simply timing- but the gear is crucial ,very crucial to the quality of my images. An entry level DSLR will not produce comparable product.

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I fear you are probably deluding yourself - but that's OK if you think your gear is that important. But bear in mind that most entry level DSLRs produce better results than the most expensive equipment of say 6 or 7 years ago and there were more than a few good images produced on those.

The delusion lies in thinking it isn't.

Dream of capturing x in a fish-eye image? Guess what - you need an appropriate lens.

Dream of a portrait of your wife with that FF 1.2 look? Ain't gonna get it with a 1.8 on a FF let alone a crop.

Want to make the most of you post-processing? Not avaible if you a refering to a Dell TN panel you bought in 1998.

The key is not to suggest that gear isn't important. It is to stress that you should concentrate on making the most of what you have; whatever that might be.

You are right of course but he was talking about DSLRs not lenses.

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