And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

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Re: And THIS is why I'm switching to Fuji from Sony...

SVPhotography wrote:

It didn't have to be that way - Sony purchased Minolta in 2006 (first camera - 1928) for their optical know-how and IP.

The A-mount is a Minolta mount.

But they let it all go to waste...

So you have to ask, what are they thinking (or not)?

historianx wrote:

Compared to Fujifilm (1934, first cam 1948), Olympus (1919, first cam 1936), Nikon/Nikkor (1917, first cam 1948), Canon (1937, first cam 1937) and other Japanese optics/camera/film companies, Sony (1946, first cam 1996) simply has no historic legacy or experience in R&D and manufacture of *still* cam systems. When someone I know buys anything else but Sony, I personally thank them and tell them they made the right decision. A colleague of mine rented an A7 to see how well it would do with his Leica M lenses, but quickly returned and rejected it because "it feels like a Gameboy first, and a camera second." Well put. And when I told him about X-E1 bodies hovering near $500, and the Leica M-Adapter for under $200, well that got his attention real fast.

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