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blue_skies wrote:

ttan98 wrote:

I want 24mm not necessary Zeiss, Sony don't make them, and I don't want Sony 20mm, ( I have sigma 30mm excellent lens at fair price.) I don't mind f2.8 if the price is reasonable. Even if Sigma makes 24mm f2.8 with no OSS I don't mind if quality is similar to 30mm. I am not after brand name. Looks like Sony won't let Sigma make them when there is a Zeiss 24mm selling at $1000.

I want a high quality 18-55mm, f3.5 the only one better than kit lens is 16-70mm Zeiss, no other alternative.

You see I am not after large aperture lens just better quality lens better than kit lens.

So you don't want the Zeiss IQ, and pay the non-Zeiss price?

You do know that a higher resolution sensor makes any lens perform better, right?

With the A6000 you can get a 24Mp sensor for $650 that works actually quite well with the kit lens.

Sure, it is not 'Zeiss' level IQ, but it is still really up there.

You see, high quality is a combination of both lens and sensor. The Sony kit zoom lenses are not low quality - they are actually above similar Canikon offerings. But they are kit zoom lens performance - they do not have the same crispness, lens speed as a dedicated prime can have, unless stopped down.

If you want high IQ on the cheap, simply get the two Sigma's, the 19mm and 30mm work very well on the Nex-7, they will on the A6000 as well.

I do not understand why the 1855 kit lens plus the two Sigma's would not give you what you want then? Heck, I'd even throw in the E1650P lens - it is a really nice lens, especially if you are a JPG shooter (it really is).

So you don't want the ultimate in quality, and speed is not important, but you want better than the kit lens? Right?

I repeat it again: the 24Mp will make the kit lens better, as it is 50% more resolution. So, use the kit lens (either 1855 or 1650) with the two Sigma's, 19 and 30mm. The kit comes with the body for $150, and you can pick up the Sigma's for $100 used, $200 new. You can get the lens set for as little as $350 for three lenses! Add the body for $650 and you have an amazing camera system for $1k TOTAL!!!

The EM-1 costs $1,400 just for the body only.

I don't know Sony's policy about the 24mm lens offerings. Sigma is not making 24mm for Fuji or m43 either, so that may not be restriction. Honestly, by now even Sony should consider a variant of the 20mm pancake for the 24mm focal length - there would be lots of interest in. Not because it would be cheaper (around $400), but because it would be pancake like. We know that it can be done (Samsung/Canon/Fuji).

But even so - a $400 24mm pancake or 3rd party lens would suffice your wishes. What did you say? Even $500-$600 would be ok? So the delta to the $1k E24Z is only about $400-$500?

I see them on Ebay for less than $800 - there is an option to shrink the gap to only $200-$300.

And I guarantee you, for this $200-$300 you will get an amazing step in IQ. Heck, you will not remove this lens the first month that you attach it - you will be amazed by every picture!

How about it this way then:

You can get the A6000 + kit lens + Sigma 19 + Sigma 30 for $1,200 new (if used you will save $200). You can add the E24Z later on for $800 (from Ebay). So for $2,000 you will have a truly amazing setup. Or, if you just want the kit + E24Z, you can take off $400. So, for $1,600 you will have the A6000 + kit + E24Z.

How does that compare against a $1,400 E-M1 body only now?

For the $800 price tag of a Zeiss 24, why not an FE Zeiss 35? Smaller-lighter plus it could be used with an FF one day and will have better resale value in the long run. Effective focal length will be close to the same. Sadly, neither lens has OSS, of course.

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