dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

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Re: dp2 Quattro ergonomic study using a mockup

Erik Magnuson wrote:

HBowman wrote:

It is wide because the battery is bigger and to minimize electromagnetic interferences with the sensor, which is very sensible to electromagnetism.

Why is this sensor more sensitive than any other active-pixel CMOS sensor?

Shielding very efficiently DP sensors, this one or the old ones, require some big amount of material.

So how does Sony do it in the RX1 with a much larger sensor but still compact body?

With the foveon chip, who need more power than bayer to work because there is 3 layers to read, even a high photon flux can be a problem. Electrons and magnetic flux are a problem. The DPM series do not have more powerful batteries because it would have impacted the IQ in a large margin. Low power >> low emission.

Shielding a camera is an additional in the process. If you want to keep price as cool as possible you need compromises. A camera is an equilibrium. design >> internal.

On the Merrill series, most of the banding can be interpreted as a frequency. This frequency can have 3 sources, the screen, the processor and the batteries.

My wild guess is that the battery AND the True III proc are far away from the sensor.

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